2022 Census Result Smells Fraudulent

Max Weber, an erudite German political economist, sociologist, and jurist pontificates that Politics means striving to share power or striving to influence the distribution of power, either among states or among groups within a

state. He follows this hypothesis with a consequential reminder that in the circumference of power politics, there is always a determined and stubborn urge on the part of the ruling elites or oligarchs to retain their grip on power by all means possible. To this end, they are bound to do anything and everything, bad and good, to perpetuate themselves at the helm.


A few months ago, I gently hinted that there was a nefarious systemic ploy to corrupt the 2022 population census in an attempt to structure the numbers in favor of the ruling establishment. Cognizant of the exigency and the attending risk thereto, I quickly scrabbled a notice to the opposition on my Facebook page calling on them to pay collective attention to the census as the process was riddled and coddled with fraud and a panoply of flaws. Sadly, the opposition did not heed my call, as usual, some of them were busy with trivialities, I.e, taunting George Weah for poorly reading his Annual Report.

Well, the 2022 Cenusus results are out, and true to my words, the staggering numbers therefrom linger more questions than answers. Look at how the numbers in the South East region of the country have astoundingly ballooned–from 2017 to 2022. There is no concret empirical justification for how these numbers in the South East have plateaued. Could it be increase in births, migration, and economic activities? These are the prime factors for population growth, according to economic. So, is LEGIS suggesting that births, migration, and economic activities did not take place in more socially and economicaly developed counties like Montserrado, Nimba, Lofa, Bassa, et others over the last decade plus? Can you not sense and see that these numbers were intentionally cooked up? Just the mere fact that the entire census process was saddled with a string of misgivings in terms of its organization and execution certainly renders such process male factum…meaning done improperly or wrongly in Latin. And what is not done right, is not done at all, as such, it must be scorned and disavowed as law and logic dictate.

Can you not see the brazen systematic attempt by the ruling clique to defraud the impending 2023 election? To accept these roguish numbers emanating from such flawed and fraudulent census to be used for the new voters’ roll, something the National Election Commission (NEC) is poised to do, would certainly amount to tacit approbation of your defeat in October. And if that is permitted, the opposition must have itself to blame and no one else. The opposition must, in one accord and one voice, detest and reject the results of the 2022 census. Why? Because it is utterly marred by fraud and flaws. For example, there were rivers of complaints flowing in from all across the country from Liberians that their households were not counted by the LEGIS enumerators and in some parts of the country no enumerator was spotted. Yet, numbers are emanating from all across the country even though LIGIS enumerators never went to many places due to a field of challenges ranging from lack of adequate logistics to effectively navigate the country to underpayment of enumerators due to “inadequate funding” amongst others. That the enumeration process was engrossed with such scale of faux pas no doubt means it is more harmful than helpful.

The opposition needs to collectively act in concert on this and do so NOW. If the opposition is not extremely aggressive and vigilant at this point when will it ever be? I wonder. On Election Day? May I remind you all that elections are won or lost before the day of the elections.

Needless I say more, enough said!

Note: The first screenshot is the 2008 census results while the second screenshot is the current 2022 census results…impregnated with questionable and disturbing figures.

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