Unrealistic And Unreasonable

Commentary From the background where the eLearning originates, its intent is very praiseworthy and most welcoming, purposely ensuring that students of the University of Liberia are placed on the pedestal of technology with the attended […]

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Sinking In ‘Political’ Despair, Distress -Troubled-Tale Of The Pro-Poor Regime; While It Takes Courage To Be Sensible; Misery Will Have Company

      “I know one day Liberians will get tired with me so I want to leave a big mark before that time,” says former Senator, now President George M. Weah when he spoke with a […]

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Iman Krayee Licks Bitter Wound -As The Nat’l Movement Of Muslim Council Rubbishes Iman Krayee’s Ramadan Holiday War Drum Ultimatum; Pres. Weah Sounds A Warning

Shortly after the National Iman Sheik Ali Krayee vibrated with his Ramadan to become holiday (Abraham Day) next year war drum ultimatum, a sharp split has surfaced with the National Movement of Muslim Council (NMOMC) […]

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How I Think Of A Patriot

A Poem I think of a Patriot as someone with an unyielding conscience and the righteous incline to defiantly put country above self; I think of a Patriot as someone who unconditionally loves his/her country […]

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Daylight Stealing -Declares Knight; Hold Them Responsible For Corruption; Despite Putting It In The Budget

Following the distribution of US$30K by the lawmakers as legislative engagement which the legislators termed as legitimate money because it was enshrined in the national budget, and since the budget is a law, the Director […]

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Freedom For All Or No Freedom -Iman Krayee Beats War Drum For Muslim’s Holidays; Religious Co-existence Threatened

When Bomi County newly elected Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe  made his politically charged pronouncement as , according to him enshrined in his  campaign promise to the people of Bomi, that when elected,  he will  work […]

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From Dr. Nyan To Sen. Dillion Who’s Next? -The Curse Of Petit ‘Political Envy’; Now Ruining Precious Lives In This Dreadful COVID-19 Era; And Affecting National Unity

Some called it petit political envy, others viewed it as being politically insecure, and while critics referred to it as small-mindedness and insensitive to the health of the citizens, and a vast segment of the […]

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