Massive Restless Pillage, Plunder Breakdown Liberia -As Illicit Mining & Falsifications Of Certificates Become Foreigners’ Accreditation; While The Nation Paralyzes; The Citizens Fall Apart

When the leadership of this badly struck and disgracefully stalled ailing-driven economy based on losing total governance control of the country, comically, and reversely conceded in a song that in his own home town, they […]

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George Weah, The Real Squanderer-In-Chief

Little did the badly tainted and questionable characters of the leaders of the ruling establishment of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) know, beginning with President George M. Weah, when they maliciously and vaguely elected […]

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Special Statement   The Unity Party unequivocally supports the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia. The Party believes that those who allegedly committed […]

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Drugs, Liberia’s Bleak Future -With Youths Mortgaging Promising & Fruitful Leadership Challenges; Grim Entertainment Now Leads To Doomsday

They started with marijuana, (and marijuana is still widely used and sold in the country by many) then stepped it up to ‘do-gee’, feeling no longer at ease, they jumped to cocaine and soon propelled […]

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Not Taking Chances Anymore -Says Dr. Boakai; As He Deflates ‘Heart Surgery’ Speculation; Stands Fit & Ready To Provide The Most Needed Leadership

      For too long, politicians and other skeptics have been ganging up to destroy the ability of former vice president, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai to govern as president by hooking the state of his health […]

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To Restore Liberians’ Hope Not To Betray Their Trust -UP Standard Bearer Boakai Reiterates

Despite the political expensive noise paraded in the corridors of interlopers, doubled-hearted elements whose prime motive is to see another one-party rule in disguise under the rubric of multi-party democracy in connivance to stage-manage by […]

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