Weah Doesn’t Own Liberia Alone -While Pundits Scold Him As Being Don’t-Care-President; Weah Says We’ll Succeed If United; Certainly Will Fail If Divided; Where’s His Political Leaning?

With dreadful dismay and acute frustrating disappointment in the George M. Weah’s inept leadership expressed by pundits, who continue to look for the position and warm sentimental platitude enshrined in his inaugural, and are unable […]

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Underperformed! -Ellen’s Excess Baggage; Her Financially- Made ‘Political Frankenstein’; Tormenting Citizens & Nation; Is She At Ease Now? One Who Sows Evil Shall Reap Evil.

Most leaders at the close of their leadership sojourn, often craved on bended knees to grown their successors; for some, reasons may border on fear of reprisal by an outsider of inner circle’s protégé who […]

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A 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow Makes a Sincere Request to the President of Liberia: Calls for the Appointment of A Youth Policy Advisor To the Office Of the President

A sincere request to Mr President: Appointment of A Youth Policy Advisor in the Office of the President Dear Mr President, I have followed you for donkey years especially your involvement in the upliftment of […]

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Weah’s Inflicted Nightmare -As His Fast Eroding Leadership Crashes Nation And Citizens In Vicious Quicksand

Liberia is in trouble; very serious political trouble emanating from complete self-seeking and dangerously driven coupled with poorly prepared and badly blind leadership outwardly champions by now passive soccer legend George M. Weah as President; […]

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Gov’t Will Fight Back! Solicitor General Cephus Vows; Declares Weeks & Others Will Face The Legal Wrath

Barely less than 24 hours after the acquittal of the gang form the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) by the court who were on trial for economic sabotage, Liberia’s Solicitor-General, Cllr. Syrenius  Cephus has  vowed […]

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