150 Untrained Cdceans are Expected to be Enlisted into the LNP

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Parrot Online News gathered information from credible sources at the Liberia National Police that the chairman of the governing CDC, Mulbah Morlu, has submitted to the authority of Liberia National Police Training Academy, the names of 150 Cdceans for enlistment into the police.

But according to our sources, the training commandant at the police academy insisted the automatic enlistment these 150 partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change and urge that they go through the regular and routine recruitment process of applying and being subjected to go thorough background checks in their respective communities.

According to our sources, the chairman of the CDC, Mulbah Morlu became enraged by the training commandant’s resistance to directly enlist those untrained men from the CDC’s Sabu Unit into the police and has threatened to have the training commandant dismissed.

Parrot has been reliably informed that today, a meeting of Senior Officers of the LNP was called to discuss the COP’s planned protest slated for November 16, 2020, but unfortunately, it ended in deadlock due to the police refusal to automatically enlist the 150 men from the CDC directly into LNP without going through rigorous recruitment process.

Currently, as we speak, Parrot has told that there’s a huge disappointment among senior officials of the LNP as to the way these recruits are being forwarded to the academy. The training commandant told his colleagues (Senior Officers) that a vast majority of the recommended recruits cannot write their names properly, least to talk about writing an application letter.

It is so sad that with all the efforts our international partners have invested into our security sector to disrobe it of its partisan and tribal nature to a de-factionalised security sector will seem to be eroding under the CDC’s government.


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